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Do you shop online?

Wouldn't it be great to give to charity every time you buy, without it costing you a penny?

Shop with Retail-Charity & you can!

Here's how it works

We have arrangements with hundreds of online retailers to pay us for sending you to them! That means that if you come here first, and then go to the retailers site - and we have 100s of the top retailers - they pay us for sending you to them! You get the same great bargains at the same online prices - and you deal direct with the site you want. Look out for the red bar at the bottom of each retailer description to tell you how much your shopping is worth to our good causes!

Donation from this Store: 10%

We will donate 50% of all our revenues to charities. That's 50% of all our income with no deductions! We aim to cover all our overheads from the remaining revenue. But whatever happens, we give 50% of our revenues to our charities.

We will split the money raised between the types of charities in the percentage you choose. We will include at least one 'Big Name' charity in each category, but we want to make sure that smaller charities benefit too. So we are asking you to vote for your favourite category of charity, such as Health Charities, Animal Charities, Childrens Charities etc., but we are also giving you the chance to suggest the actual charity you would like us to consider if you have a favourite.

Just register with us and vote for your favourite type of charity. And even if you don't want to register, we still send the money we receive from your purchases to the charities others have chosen!

It's been estimated that online spending in the UK in 2007 will reach £26 billion, and that is a conservative estimate! By shopping with Retail-Charity.Com you can make sure that a percentage of that huge total goes to support worthwhile causes throughout the UK. And the beauty is that it doesn't cost you a penny extra to do all that good work if you shop with us! You still shop wherever you want, at the same price as if you shopped direct, but you are "Shopping with a Conscience"!

Can you spare 30 seconds of your online shopping time to come here first? Of course you can! And if you do, you will be helping countless worthwhile causes throughout the UK to fund the incredible work they do.

This really is the only way to shop - with a conscience!

The only way to make sure that this site works is if you use it and tell your friends. Click here to make your default homepage, click here to tell a friend, and click here to bookmark this page. Please do. There are so many worthwhile charities benefiting from this scheme, and all you have to do is come here first and spread the word.

Ready to Shop?

By registering below before you shop the first time, you can vote for the charity of your choice. And by registering with us you make sure we can let you know whenever we add new retailers to our shopping mall. But don't worry, we will never sell or distribute your details, we will only use them to let you know when we have even more bargains for you. But if you don't want to register that's fine - we will still give the revenue raised from your shopping to our charities.

Please remember to come to before you shop every time, or the charities won't benefit. And when you do shop from here, your chosen shop will open in a new window, so when you've finished with one retailer, just close that window to come back here to continue shopping and giving at the same time.

Thank you for supporting our Charities.


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